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Pet Names

One day I’m going to grow old and live in a house by myself and have a lot of pets. I won’t be the crazy cat lady, because I won’t only have cats. Its strange that others would use this as a way to make fun of people while I would fully enjoy a simple life with me and my pets. Is it wrong to not want the same thing as everyone else? And at the same time I’m not saying that wanting a normal life is wrong, or that I’m above an average life. No, that would make me a hipster, wouldn’t it? And being a hipster is wrong why? Because they are different, yes? But that’s a topic for later.

The Doctor (potentially for a cat)

Milo (cat)

Fudge (dog)

Draco (ferret)

Nevermore (raven)

This will be a work in progress.


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Dear World,

Hello again. Back from micro-blogging onto a new url, and I’m a bit shy, but I think I have an overwhelming amount of words built up inside me to the point I can’t express things by reblogging other people anymore. It feels like no one will read a wall of text on a micro-blogging site in an era where the attention span of the world is becoming shorter and shorter by the second, so this blog is a necessity.

I can’t really find my blogging voice at the moment, since I’ve basically been blog mute ever since I left my last WordPress. I’ll come back later, because I do have a lot of things to talk to you about.

Its weird that WordPress has these format things now … It feels some piece of Tumblr oozing in.

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