Andrew Bayer

Falling in love. I guess that’s what it feels like, not that I know what love really is, or what falling in love feels like, but if I had to say, this is pretty much it.

Andrew Bayer is a magician of sorts, and he seems to have direct access to my musical tastes. Even his remixes get to me (i.e. Alquimia). I’ve always been a support of music as a religion, music as a replacement for love, music as inspiration, but without tasting the sweetness of these melodies, I spoke in ignorance. I believe I was right, but it was for the wrong reasons. His music affects me in a way that’s different from the music of most trance artists. There’s a deeper connection that I feel with a limited number of songs from Anjunabeats and Armada etc. etc. (so sue me for listening to the more “mainstream” trance labels …), a few from Mat Zo, Matt Lange and Arnej, but this connection is more consistent with Andrew Bayer’s tracks.

And this new track, You, featured in the upcoming Anjunadeep 04, just killed me as soon as I heard it. There’s nothing too extravagant about Andrew’s songs, which is what I love. There are so many subtleties in all of his tracks that give them so much more depth and character, they are so moving, so intense without being in your face with what the song sounds like, if that makes any sense.

On the same subject, Anjunadeep has always been amazing. It has an addictive, unique sound that is exactly what it advertises: deep.

This has been a brief but not too brief expression of my love of Andrew Bayer’s music (and Anjunadeep, by extension). It just feels wrong to have such strong emotions inside of me and not express them (which is why it’s probably a good thing I’m in Arts and not Sciences). Music is very subjective, and by expressing my taste I do not mean to impose an opinion of Andrew Bayer’s music upon anyone or that he should be greater than any other producer because I think so, only that I am grateful that I have found something that I love so much.

I guess these kinds of posts are more selfish than they appear (aside from promoting Andrew Bayer and Anjunadeep) but I hope to anyone reading this that they also have something in their lives that makes them feel so in love.

This is mine.


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