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My YTF Story

My YTF story is nothing spectacular, and if anything, it’s altogether predictable, but if YTF has taught me anything, it is that I, as an individual, matter, and that by believing in myself and my choices, I will amount to something.

A year ago this time, I had nothing going for me. I was lonely, insecure, feeling useless and unloved. Everything around me was falling apart, and the people around me kept leaving me behind. Between my parents, who had been separated for eight years, I would never stop being the middle-man. What I learned from that experience was that according to the other, each of them was a terrible person. I grew up loving my parents, not as a couple, but separately as people, and hearing them talk about each other in such a hateful way tore me apart, not because of their resentment, but because I was old enough to realize that what they were saying weren’t complete exaggerations. My parents weren’t the perfect, loving people that I had modelled myself after as I grew up. They were flawed, filled with resentment and deep seated anger towards each other.

And perhaps because of this I developed a pretty severe hatred toward all people. It got to my head that in reality, in everyone there was hatred, a person who is selfish and ugly. Most of all, I hated myself, because I was the product of this hatred as a result of having been raised by my parents. If gold rusts, then what will iron do?

But YTF changed my perspective. When I watched their videos, I laughed, because, well they’re hilarious, awesome people, I cried, because they had come so far and worked so hard. Their message reminded me that I was not a person as a result of outside forces that influenced me, but as a result of the paths I chose to take despite of those forces. Timing and circumstance were completely out of my control, but they create the opportunity of choice. Slowly, I began to thaw, and I began to want to like people, love people, because it is a good feeling.

For many years, I tried to focused on myself, because caring about other people hurt too much, but because of YTF I began to see value in others, my peers, my friends, my family, and most importantly my parents. I loved the happiness that YTF brought me every time I watched their videos, and slowly I began to have the desire to bring happiness to other people myself. On the last night of 2011, I made a resolution that in 2012, I would be nicer and friendlier to all the people I came in contact with. Every time I go out ot hang out my friends, I set a goal to make them laugh at least once.

March 23rd, 2012 in Vancouver BC I had the great honour to be able to see YTF live in concert. I wasn’t able to get any VIP tickets to meet them, but it still meant the world to be able to see them on stage.

I’m still a work in progress, but I am willing to work hard. If I can work half as hard as any member of YTF has, I know I can make a big change in my life.

Thanks so much, YTF for being amazing. Keep doing what you do!

Do you have your own YTF Story?

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