The Return

That sounds a lot more epic than it actually is. I’m just back from China, that’s all, and I’ve found one of my favourite wallpapers of all time that I once used on my old WordPress, but accidentally lost one day when I changed my theme. Then the laptop I saved the picture on died and when I got it fixed I only had my music back but nothing else. Which is fine.


Anyway, there are about a million things I need to do (like stop playing games for one) before I can sit down and write a good blog entry. I think for some reason I elevated the standards of blogging a great deal and sometimes I’m just to scared to write anything because I feel like I have to be working on it for a week and if it’s not perfect than I can go DIAF. But it’s just a blog, and I am my own boss, my own editor. If I don’t post anything that’s my fault for not writing, not because the writing’s not good enough. It’s probably not good enough, but how will I learn if I don’t write?


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