Review: Divergent (Possible Spoilers!)

I don’t like complaining about something I know nothing about, and so in the light of a recent eye-opening top sellers list I’ve decided to see what the fuss was all about before I start bitching about it, which is obviously my favourite thing to do. Since I conveniently named the title after what I’m doing my review on I can’t troll you guys and pretend I’ve read 50 Shades of Grey, which I probably won’t ever read unless someone was paying me a life time salary to do it.

It seems like this Divergent book by Veronica Roth is a big deal recently. Now considering recent trends in “literature” it was very optimistic of me to think that perhaps that there would be a refreshing change in the reading preferences of today’s generation, but I’m not going to lie, I read the book in four hours and it was quite fun. And yes, there was a refreshing change in the main character, and instead of being the typical immature protagonist of teen series who wonders why anyone would like her and denies her obvious attraction to the love interest, she is quite honest with herself. Despite the fact that the love interest feels like the typical dark and brooding type of male character I found the romance quite well written, only it was so well written and took up so much of the book that I could not take the rest of the storyline seriously. Like Twilight, it felt like the rest of the plotline was written to propel the romance.

And that’s fine! I read it like it was a fan fiction of a teen age girl’s life, in which the circumstances are perfect for meeting that prince charming. It was fun, it wasn’t that frustrating, and it was grammatically correct. At the same time it felt like The Hunger Games all over again, except Katniss doesn’t have to choose between two people and she doesn’t delude herself into thinking that every single hint of romance is for another purpose because there is no way anyone could possibly love her (which by the way, is one of the most irritating things female protagonists do).

Instead of a dystopian novel that revolves around the importance of choice set in a parallel universe that strives for utopia, it is for all intents and purposes, a cute, fun romance. For anyone expecting anything else, you might be disappointed.

However, for those who are only expecting a romance throughout the series, you will also be disappointed, because it’s sequel is completely different. And the conclusion of Insurgent, if not corny, is extremely disappointing.

I should really find other books to read. I feel like it was disappointing only because I am not within the range of its target audience. Which means I should also stop looking for books to read from the top sellers shelf, because it is a terrible reflection of good reads in general.

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